Chimney Cleaning, Relining & Construction

A chimney is one of the most important elements in any heating system yet it's often overlooked. Poor maintenance especially if you are using wood can be disastrous. Creosote build up can cause chimney fires and other issues like cracks in your lining can cause dangerous gases to seep into the home. These are two of the reasons it's important to have a qualified professional inspect and maintain it.

We provide full chimney services including new chimney construction, chimney sweeping and chimney relining. With 25 years in the business and combined 75 years experinece you can trust this very imporatant aspect of home maintenance to the Fireplace Gallery.

  • Severe Fire and Asphyxiation Danger Caused by Chimney Loaded With Creosote
  • Chimney in Danger of Collapse
  • William our Employee Sweeping a Chimney